Friday, August 7, 2009

A Busy Week!

I've had a fairly busy week this week - now that it is Saturday I have a moment to sit back, reflect and update my blog.
The winner of my recently-held '100 foll0wers' competition, Barbara, has chosen to have one of my Zoziedolls as her prize - I'll be completing it this weekend and sending it to her next week. That was so much fun, that I'll be having another one shortly - this one to celebrate 100 posts. I think this is number 83, so keep yer eyes peeled - won't take long to get to 100!
I have just completed this doll in the style of an Izannah Walker doll. Izannah was an American dollmaker with a cottage industry producing dolls for a number of decades from around 1850. Quite a few of them survive in remarkably good condition, which attests to her skill as a dollmaker. They also have a wonderful naive charm about them. I have tried to capture the essence of this type of doll whilst retaining my own "look".
Oh.........and a couple of new Zozies.
Darn it! I loaded the pics backwards........but you are clever enough to look at them in the right order, aren't you?
Please check out this new blog started by my friend, Linda Searle. She's only been making dolls for a short while, but she's doing fabulous work!


Pattee said...

Your dolls are all wonderful and I follow you on etsy and my blog!

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Your Izannah is so beautiful! She looks as if she were a 'real' child of Izannah. I love her.

anjah said...

Hello, Susie.
Thank you for your comment. I think your dolls so wonderful!
I know, if you talking a language not always, then forget about it quickly. Therefore my English is so bad... Best wishes, Anjah

creativedawn said...

what a treat! more of your wonderful dolls...children! I love her, really does have the look a real person!

Linda Searle Dolls said...

Hi Susie, your new Izannah is gorgeous. Thanks for the kind words. Congrats to Barbara - I know she's going to love her Zozie doll - I love mine! Linda xx

Sue said...

Susie, I think your Izannah
doll is fabulous! I also really like your little zozie dolls - too cute. I am going to make sure to participate in your next draw!

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