Friday, March 16, 2012

A Saucy Tale!

You are probably sick to death of me banging on about tomatoes...........they have kind of been dominating my life just lately, and I PROMISE this will be the last time I mention them. If you are still reading, tomato season in Tasmania is about to come to a sudden halt - Autumn is approaching fast, there is a nip in the morning air, the leaves are turning and the first frost is not far away. That's the end of tomatoes except for all the unripened ones which will have to be turned into green tomato relish. Here's a photo of some of what I've done with tomatoes......relish, sauce (ketchup), dried, semi-dried and packed into herbed olive oil. I also have frozen puree in the freezer.
Needless to say, I'm rather sick of the sight of tomatoes.......this is the Last Word!

Now.......what to do with all those CAPSICUMS!

A month or so back, while I was doing a bit of blog-hopping, I happened upon a bright and cheerful blog kept by Brigitte. She was having a little naming contest which I entered. Lucky me! I won the contest and here is what arrived in the mail yesterday to live here with me - two of the sweetest Danish Christmas elves who took no time at all to settle in to their new home, as you can see. Go and have a look at Brigitte's blog - it's a very fun place to visit.


Angie Quinby said...

Tomatoes...they do take over at harvest time. But all the aggravation and being tired of them is worth it in the depths of winter when you can open a jar of summer sunshine.

And those dolls are just adorable.

Susie McMahon said...

You're absolutely right, Angie! I know I'll be pleased in the middle of winter when all you see in the supermarket are those reddish objects that look like tomatoes, butr certainly don't taste like them!

Mary @ Colony Mountain Stitcheries said...

Actually, I am not sick at all hearing about your tomatoes...more like inspired to do better with my tomatoes this year. We are getting really close to planting time here.

Rhissanna said...

Congratulations on winning; those dolls are so sweet!

As for tomatoes, can't cook without them. I'm looking forward to planting this year's soon, and battling tobacco worms for the fruit. Big ugly GREEDY things.

merrijane said...

I can't live without my mother's homemade tomato sauce!!

Healing Woman said...

Thanks so much for referring Bridgett's blog. The dolls are so sweet.

Your tomatoes look delicious and since we are getting ready for spring here in the states, I'm excited about planting my own.

Love your posts.


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