Thursday, May 1, 2008

About the "Redivivus Dolls"

These "Redivivus" dolls were made as an entry into the Tasmanian Government Environment Department's BRICOLAGE DESIGN PRIZE where the challenge was thrown out to artists and craft workers to design and make products from waste. These dolls are made from about 90% recycled materials, mostly free for the taking. The heads and lower limbs are made from reconstituted very fine sawdust; the bodies and upper limbs from recycled flour-bag calico, and the filling from wool waste from a blanket factory.

My challenge was to be able to make the dolls in editions, which I achieved through the use of silicone moulds, which would theoretically enable me to make hundreds of dolls that are similar.

I am very happy with the overall look of the dolls. They are designed to be play dolls, and I think they fit the brief pretty well. As well as making the prototypes, I had to make a written submission providing quite a bit of background information, which I worked on all last summer. I was able to do a thoroughly-researched job of it, as I had plenty of time.

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