Sunday, September 13, 2009

Di Arnold

I first met Di Arnold when she was a student in one of my Adult Education basic dollmaking classes a number of years ago. To say that she has 'taken the baton and run with it' is something of an understatement.
She has become a very fine dollmaker and I am proud to have played a small part in maybe setting her upon that path.
Di's dolls are quirky, witty and her use of colour is intuitive and always spot on. She has more patience and tenacity than almost anyone I know when it comes to her dolls. The attention to detail is exemplified in the two tiny puppet figures with the Pierrot - astonishing - best appreciated 'in the flesh'. Her 'secret weapon' is her husband, Gerald, who makes her armatures and anything else that requires the use of 'blokey' tools and stuff - they really are a team.
Now she has been invited to exhibit her work in the Tasart Exhibition (26th Sept - 18th Oct) at the Burnie Regional Art Gallery (on Tasmania's northwest coast)
Apologies for the picture quality, but here are a few of the dolls she will be exhibiting.
I've also popped in a picture of some dolls made by Linda Searle - another fab dollmaker who occasonally lurks in my studio ( Hers are the two cloth Kewpie dolls at the top of the post (uploaded the photos backwards - again!)


anjah said...

Oh, so many beautiful dolls! Great work!

Linda Searle Dolls said...

Hey Susie, I so agree about your comments regarding Di and her work. They are both amazing! Linda

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