Friday, January 22, 2010

Lelah Mae

Last year when I was in Columbus, Ohio I met a wonderful painter called Linda Apple. I spent a week staying with her....she is a warm, funny, smart and talented person with whom I felt an instant rapport. To thank her for her generous hospitality, I made this little doll while I was staying with her and dressed it in a scrap of fabric that had been in her mother's stash. Linda named the doll "Lelah Mae" after her late mother, which I found very touching. Linda recently emailed me some pictures of the doll, which I had forgotten to photograph. Here they are. I particularly like the picture of the doll seated aginst the yellow wall on the painted cupboard with one of Linda's paintings above it.
You'll be doing yourself a great favour if you visit Linda's website and have a bit of a peek at her art:


Sue said...

Susie, Lelah Mae is wonderful and I'm sure that Linda was thrilled with this so thoughtful gift. Thank you for the link to Linda's site - love her art and have bookmarked her site.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

Stitch1Peta said...

She is a pretty girl. I have my Hannah you gave me sitting on top of the china cabinet. Granddaughter no 2 isn't able to keep her hands off her. She is trying to convince me that Hannah really needs to be in her bedroom not my dining room. I keep telling her "Mine"

Mayra René said...

Hi susie,
I put at my blogg a one suprise for you. on title post ME han premiado!

you can traslate my blog to english lenguage.

You have something special to make dolls, your sculptures are perfect and motivates me to see your work very perfect and wonderful. Sussie want to show my respect for yourself and your artistic level.
from México: Mayra René

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