Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ready for More?

Crossing the river from Ohio into Kentucky - on our way to MM&M

                           Hard at work in the sculpting class

Some finished and unfinished cuties from the Zozie class

Look at that chunk of cake! Annie is incredulous and Mike is just a blur

 Beautiful day at Harper's Ferry and lunch with Rose and Michael (yep - I was having the beer!) 


Healing Woman said...

I've been to all the areas where you have shown so far. Harper's Ferry is a fun place isn't it? Keep them coming, these are great. I'll have to keep closer watch of your class schedule next time you come back because Harper's Ferry is really only about 4 hours from where I live in Roanoke.

flyingbeader said...

I tell you, but I had the best time with you & can't wait for you to head back to Ohio again. Haven't finished my doll yet as I want to make it full body with a steampunk look, but it will be finished by the time you get here.

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