Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Making A Chair

Remember this doll that I wrote about a few weeks back?

Well, she needed a chair to sit on - a special chair - something befitting a Renaissance princess! I started making the chair using Aves ApoxieSculpt over a wire framework and then I ran out of the Aves, so chair-building came to a standstill until more arrived the other day. (In Tasmania, I can't just pop down to the store to buy more - anything like that has to be ordered ............and waited for) Yesterday, I got on with the chair and I have now finished the framework. Next step is to paint it and then make some kind of seat for it.


Golden Lilly Crafts said...

Hello Susie
Your work is magnificent and the chair demonstrates your eye for detai,l an enormous degree of patience and i just can't get enough of your work. I visit your site often, but this is the first comment I've been brave enough to put forward. I really wish I lived in Tasmania so I could just be a student for one day would make me very happy.

Susie McMahon said...

Hi Christine,
I'm glad you decided to leave a comment......always happy to get feedback! Thanks for your kind words - you know Frankston is a mere hour's flight away - you should book yourself a little weekend escape and come and play in my studio!
The twiny chair is now complete - just waiting for a few bits to dry and I will post some pictures of it tomorrow. I'm happy with how it looks.
BTW - your blog now has a follower, so you won't be talking to yourself!

JDConwell said...

Susie, I've never used any kind of apoxie clay, but I've been curious...what's it like to work with?

Anonymous said...

Your art is so gorgeous! Wonderful demonstration here.

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