Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sharing Art

I've just participated in a fabric postcard swap with ten other people.........this is a great way to share art because each postcard-sized artwork does not take long to create, but each is a complete little entity in itself. as you can see, the cards I made are all related, but different from each other.
I'm now looking forward to seeing what lands in my postbox!

I used walnut ink stained fabric as the basis for my set of cards, over which I collaged fabric and paper elements. I then used subtle washes of acrylic paint and some pencil work to add some colour.
Here they are all together before I sent them off:

........and here are several of the individual cards:


Kays Kids said...

I love the colour of the walnut dyed fabric. The cards look great.

Susan McMahon said...

Thanks Kay - it was a fun project!

Roseflora said...

The color range is very nice. I wonder if you know the characters on the paper are bad luck, only being used in funeral as paper money to the deceased.

Susan McMahon said...

That's interesting Rosaflora........when I bought these I was told that they were shop receipts!
Fortunately, I don't have a superstitious bone in my body and I don't believe in good/bad "luck" - I have no trouble with black cats crossing my path, going out on Friday 13th, walking under ladders (unless someone is up them with a can of paint!) I bought these about 15 years ago - I've had the usual mix of good and bad things happen, but that's just life - nothing to do with "luck"!

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