Saturday, February 2, 2013

Elephants and Cows

We have some boarders in our paddock - our neighbours' sweet, gentle jerseys with newborn calves at foot. I love looking out of the studio window and seeing them right there!

Remember the little knitted elephant I made late last year as a Christmas gift for my youngest grandchild? I'd written enough down to remember what I did, so I whipped up another one while I was away at String camp last week (in between rehearsals etc). I gave him a little embroidered felt jacket and hat. I may write this up as a pattern for my Etsy store........if you can knit in the round on four needles it is pretty easy and straightforward and it makes a great huggy toy for a small child.

1 comment:

Kays Kids said...

I love him, and I think you should call him Trumpet, because you were on a music camp.

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