Saturday, March 9, 2013

Watermelon Summer

We've never tried to grow watermelons........Tasmania's climate is just too cool to try growing things like that - we thought. A couple of months ago Bob came home from a trip to the nursery with a couple of melon seedlings....."to throw in the greenhouse and see what happens". No expectations. Well, it did happen! One day I was watering in there and a saw several large, green, globular objects.....MELONS! They had seemingly appeared overnight.

I had no idea about how to tell when they were ripe, so they just sat there looking green and smug, swelling slightly by the day. then someone told me to knock them, and when they sound hollow, they are ripe. So I did that, and with great trepidation harvested the first one last night.....and I must say it was astounding - so delicious!

Grandson Laurence about to take the first-ever bite!

And here are a couple of little projects I have completed in the last little while.

With some friends!

Did I ever mention that I love my job?


Karen Mallory said...

I love home grown fruit and veggies. My husband works hard in his garden. Luckily, here in Northern California we can grow almost anything. So lglad you were able to get some melons!
Your dolls are all fabulous as always!!
hugs Karen

maddyrose said...

I don't have any luck with melons in my garden because our growing season is too short. We just purchased a small green house to get plants started so maybe I'll try them again and keep my fingers crossed.
I love seeing all of your sweet little creations. It's no wonder you love your job, you're so good at it.

Sonia Rodriguez said...

Congrats on the melons..yay..Love the new work..which i have always adored your talent. xoxox here is new and prosperous melon growing in neck of the world.

Sonia Rodriguez said...

I went to your doll making tutorial page and wow I needed some inspiration as of lately with being sickly these last couple years. I have always wondered how you created such beautiful dolls. Thank you so much for sharing your secrets..I am truly inspired to open my paperclay up again. xoxox

Susan McMahon said...

Just pigged out on more of that melon for lunch.....s-o-o-o-o delish! And apparently very good for you too

Kays Kids said...

WE can see you love your job, by the beautiful work you do. The water melon loos juicy and Delicious.

sirkkis said...

ihania kaikki nuket.Tosi taidokas olet tekijänä.

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