Sunday, July 7, 2013

Winter Music

I'm just back from a wonderful weekend making music at our annual Winter Music Camp. With visiting conductor from Melbourne, Willem van der Wiss, we managed to lick Beethoven's Seventh Symphony into some kind of shape over two days of intense work. We also worked on Cimarosa's Secret Wedding Overture. I squeezed my bike into my little Barina and took it with me, so I managed a couple of rides along the Ulverstone shoreline on some very good cycle paths.
Great fun, good music, fine cooking!

These photos were taken just at dawn this morning (Sunday) with frost all the way down to the ocean. A bracing ride, to say the least!


Karin said...

Hi Susie,

I was so glad to see this post.
Sounds as though you had a great time.
You take some lovely photos too when you go out on your bike.

God Bless x

Susan McMahon said...

Thanks Karin.......being around these people is so good for the soul. And making music - what could be better?

Kays Kids said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed making music with a group. Sounds like a fun weekend, even though I'm sure your fingers froze when you went riding.

Micha said...

Oh Susan,
I've never realized that you have a blog!
It's wonderful here.

Best wishes,

Susan McMahon said...

Thanks Kay and Micha! And fingers got PAINFULLY frozen on that bike ride, despite the gloves. But it was worth it!

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