Thursday, January 1, 2015


New page turned........365 pristine pages waiting to be written upon. I hope the story you write for 2015 is full of all you wish for. Me, I'm planning a year full of exhibitions, teaching and art-making. And music.


"Weeping Forest"


Jan Conwell said...

Here's to a creative and fulfilling year for all of us!

Susan McMahon said...

Absolutely so, Jan!

Kays Kids said...

I hope your creativity, and exhibitions, fill your heart and mind. Plus of course your family and music. We are having such a hot day today 44. deg. and fires. Not nice.
Yeas a clean slate for our year to fill with all the things we love.
Hugs Kay

Susan McMahon said...

Oooh! 44 degrees! Ouch! I was considering joining my son and his partner at her mother's place somewhere north of Adelaide......glad I decided to stay put (I can't stand the heat over about 25!)
Yes - here's to a year full of creativity etc. Clink!

Leanne E said...

Wishing you sunshine in your heart as we move forward into a new year!!!

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