Monday, February 16, 2015


This piece, "Fragment" was what I made to exhibit at "Festivale" (Launceston's annual food, wine and culture festival). As an award winner at last year's Artentwine, I was invited to put a piece into this exhibition for the weekend.
After a false start and a massive fail, here is what I came up with - I experimented a bit with materials, using cement and plasticiser-soaked hessian over a wire form to construct this. I am quite pleased with this as a sculpting medium - not sure about the longevity of this as a medium to make outdoor pieces from, but it did survive some very wet weather over the "Festivale" weekend with no adverse effect. Now I have it at home and I will just leave it outside in the garden and see what happens........I actually think a bit of weathering will add to the feeling I was trying to achieve.

This double face is about a metre in length.


Kays Kids said...

A fantastic sculpture. It will be interesting to see how it weathers.
Hugs Kay

akyol_akyol said...

Very interesting consept (like all your projects))).

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