Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Weekend Away

I took a trip this past weekend with a friend to lake Youl on the Ben Lomond Plateau. Rough walking in scrub and on scree, but worth the effort, as these pictures attest! We camped overnight near the lake - a pretty cold night is was, too!
This is one of my favourite has that subtle beauty of the Tasmanian Bob used to say of this plateau: "It's like the surface of the moon with flowers!" Well, there aren't many flowers in bloom at the moment, but in summer this place is ablaze with colour.


Ani said...

What a beautiful place Suzie, you are lucky to have it, I wish I had such a remote place to get away to, I'd be on it in a minute! Thank you for sharing the photos. Best, Ani in NC

Susan McMahon said...

Thanks Ani. What I love about this place is that it is only accessible by a reasonably hard walk, so it gets hardly any is so unspoilt. Places like that are pretty rare on our planet, unfortunately.

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