Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Few Short Walks………...

I am blessed that my new location is very near to quite a number of great short walks……the first is only a hundred metres or so from my front door: Woods Reserve. It is around 20 acres of remnant bush vegetation that looks out over the city of Launceston below. A little gem close to the city.

A little further away, but still within easy walking distance, is Duck Reach, the site of the first hydro-electric power station in the Southern Hemisphere - it brought power and light to the city of Launceston in 1895 until it was washed away in the monster flood of 1925. It was re-built some years later.
The power station is no longer used, but the building has been turned into a museum which highlights the foresight and ingenuity of Launceston's City Fathers in the C19th. From Duck Reach, you can explore numerous trails through the Cataract Gorge.

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