Thursday, May 5, 2016


"Luca" is my most recently completed doll - my take on the Commedia Dell'Arte character, Arlechino, but without the usual black mask. I was attempting to create a character that was ambiguous on several levels….the gender is unspecified and the expression I was aiming for was a little enigmatic. The colours I used in painting this doll are ones I am fond of: blues and blue/greens.

Luca is an 18" jointed cloth doll with a cloth-covered air-dry clay head, painted with artist's acrylics. The clothing is part painted and part dupioni silk. The hat is stiffened  and painted felt.

Suffice it to say that the new studio is "working' well! I'm happy with this piece.


Els said...

wonderful painted face ! ;-)

Susan McMahon said...

Thanks Els - that's probably the part I like doing the most - watching them come to life under the paintbrush!

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