Sunday, January 8, 2012

What To Wear?

I have just finished the "historically referenced" doll that was the subject of my new face-painting PDF (available here) but now she is confronted with the eternal female dilemma - what to wear?
I have pulled out some suitable fabrics from my stash (did you know that doll-makers have ENORMOUS fabric stashes?) that might suit her and also have the relevant "old" feel. Actually, I would love at some time, to make a doll with a trunk and fill the trunk with a complete wardrobe and accessories. It won't be this doll, though - I don't have enough time to be so indulgent!
No doubt she will let me know at some stage how she would like to be dressed...........meanwhile, here she is in the altogether, and nestled with some of the chosen fabrics.

I'm also busy preparing for a class in Victoria next week at Bear Essence in Tooradin, which means I have to pre-make a number of doll heads ready for the students to work on in the class.
This is what they will be working on:


Rhissanna said...

I have to admit I do have a massive fabric stash, and a lot of scraps too small for anything else are still big enough for little dolls. It's always hard picking out just which fabric would be best. Thank you for letting us see how the doll is getting on. She does pose beautifully and those painted limbs look wonderful.

Zan Asha said...

I also have the requisite fabric stash, and I don't envy you the decision of putting an outfit together...although I am sure it will be as stunning as everything else you do!

Cheers! Zan

Susie McMahon said...

Thanks, gals! I can see I touched a point of mutual understanding with my comment about my stash......and much as I try to use up what I have before I buy any more, its just not working!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Is the class doll your new "American Girl" sized doll? Are you selling patterns and face masks for it?

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