Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Little Cloth Animals

Here is a little cloth deer that I have just completed - I absolutely love making things like this.....don't know why......it's just FUN! Here are the steps in deermaking 101:

Cloth parts sewn, turned and ready for stuffing and assembly

All assembled, needle-sculpted, paperclay eyes added and sized with a mixture of acrylic gel medium and modelling paste, which seals the fabric, preserves it and gives a great surface for painting.

Partly-painted and sitting in my hand to give you an idea of the size.

I also made another of these frogs.....see the fairy wings sticking out of his mouth?

And if you go to www.marijkevanooijen.blogspot.com the lovely Marijke has written a post about my work. her blog is beautiful - a real work of art in itself. I'm going to write a post about her work in coming days, when I can free up a bit of time to do it properly.


maddyrose said...

Susie if I hadn't seen the deer before assembly I'd never have guessed he was made from fabric. He is amazing! The frog with the fairy wings sticking out of his mouth is a real smile maker!
I saw Marijke's post earlier and recognized your dolls right off. Your work is very distinctive and she did a wonderful job. I agree with you about her blog being beautiful.

Susan McMahon said...

Thanks Maddy!

Leanne E said...

They are wonderful creatures indeed :)

Wateringen said...

Susie...this Bambi is adorable!
I love your animals even as your dolls..

And thank you so much about the compliment
about my work and blog...and very nice you put a
link on your blog..


Kays Kids said...

Susie, I read Marijke blog a couple of days ago, and was so pleased she featured you. Your dear is amazing.

sirkkis said...

Kaunis pieni hirvi. Sinulle on sellainen tekniikka josta en ole aiemmin kuullut, enkä nähnyt. Upeaa jälkeä teet ja rakastan sinun nukkeja. Itsekin teen nukkeja vähän.

Penny said...

Love these little critters - especially the frog (although I feel sorry for the fairy)! Your designs and painting are wonderful.

Rhissanna said...

Oh! The frog! I lolled! I'd have though fairies would taste funny?
The deer is really sweet and I can see that making them would be a real joy. Thank you for the photo of it in your hand. It looks so delicate and alert stood there, and give a lovely, immediate sense of scale.

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