Friday, November 2, 2012

New Work

First, a new wall piece - "Winterlude" - mixed media (cloth, clay, sticks, string)

....And a cloth child doll, Matilda


Kays Kids said...

Your wall art doll is magic. Light and shade, shadows and form, I love every bit of her. Congratulations, it is a real exhibition piece.

Lucy Chen said...

beautiful, susie!

Karin said...

Wonderful work Susie, and 'Winterlude' is gorgeous!

maddyrose said...

Both dolls are beautiful, Susie, especially "Winterlude".

Penny said...

I am in love with "Winterlude" - its so evocative of the season coming up and her face is so gentle. You are truly an artist!

Ron Anger said...

Hey Miss M ~
Hope all is well in your little corner of the world!
Matilda is adorable!
Winterlude just leaves me speechless! The expression, the colors, absolutely stunning!

Susan McMahon said...

Thanks all.......Not certain "Winterlude" is quite finished. I have her hanging on the wall so I can look and think. That is what usually happens with pieces like this.

canngil said...

just lovely!

Karin said...

Looks like 'Winterlude' is doing her job properly Susie! ;0)

nelleke said...

Hallo Susie,

I like your lovely dolls!!

I make some dolls too by my self,a look a like from Kathe Kruse.

Many people ask me for a patron,but I do it by mezelf.
I will link your Blog,so that my followers can take a look on your blog and maby order an patron from your dolls,

nice greetings

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