Sunday, September 7, 2014

Early Spring

It's early Spring here.......another birthday come and gone and the late-winter-into-Spring weather has been magnificent this year! Loads of sunshine and magnificent wattle blossom.

The weather has been great for walking and one place close by that I love to visit, is Notley Gorge. This is a remnant of the rainforest that would once have been common in the gullies of the West Tamar - unfortunately not too much of it is left after clearing for agriculture and timber cutting. This is only a short walk, but it takes you down into a gully with manferns, mosses, lichens, fungi and very tall trees and there is a creek at the bottom. It is simply a beautiful place and I'm glad it is there.

The low mood I posted about last time has all but lifted and I'm looking forward to a busy and productive Spring and Summer......Bring it on!

Oh yes.........and the swallows are back!

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