Friday, May 22, 2015

Finding Poetry.......

In a chat with a friend over coffee this week, I happened to say that I wrote the odd did she. But my poems are all over the place - written on scraps, on the backs of envelopes, in recipe books and in various old sketchbooks.......all kinds of places.
      Well, one thing tends to lead to another and as I was looking through my pile of sketchbooks in order to find an old sketch for an entirely different reason, I found a few of the "lost" poems. Encouraged, I delved deeper and I managed to find quite a few. Not wanting to "misplace" them again, I copied them into a dedicated book: 

                         Poems.....In No Particular Order. 

I'll keep adding to it as more come to light.

I'm a bit self-conscious about my word-morsels (aka poems) and I'm not quite ready to share them, but here are some of the sketches I came across in my search for lost poems.

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