Sunday, June 17, 2012

Three In A Row

One of the new listings in my Etsy store is for a doll kit consisting of a finished "Pensive Child" head painted by me along with the pattern for the body and instructions for completing the doll. Here are a few of the finished heads that have been sent off......redheads have been popular. I thought this would be a more affordable way for people to buy my I love painting them! As you can see, although they are very similar, there are distinct differences between them. I also have the kit available with the head uncompleted, with instructions for doing the "clothover" and the moulded thread hair included as well as the body pattern.


Manon said...

These are all gorgeous Susie! What a great idea to make them into kits. I am going to have a look in your store Right now.

Jo James said...


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