Sunday, June 24, 2012

An Update

Here's the little doll I was designing a body for at the weekend. I managed to get it stuffed and put together last night - no mean feat these days as I find it increasingly difficult to work at night like I used to........7:30 often sees me dozing in my chair!
This little doll is only 12" (30 cms) tall - a small size I quite like. He/she (not decided yet) has a flange neck which fits into the top of the body so the head can turn and joints at the shoulders and hips.

The head has been covered with knit fabric, firmly glued onto the sculpted form. Next step is to size it with a special mixture to make it very strong.

I'm pleased with the body size and shape. And I do like this hat on him/her (I knitted it last week at a meeting - it is serendipity that it fits so well!). Next job is to stain the body and start painting the head.


Rebecca said...

She (or he) is beautiful already!

maddyrose said...

He or she is adorable. I love the body shape and the way the hands look so real. Can't wait to see this little one completed.

Ron Anger said...

Looks great Susie!
Having a blast with the Moxie kit!
can't wait to see the little guy/gal finished and the hat looks like it was made just for him/her!

Susan McMahon said...

Well.......he turned into a "she". Almost finished and will post some pics tomorrow probably (if I get this wig finished - I'm doing it the long-winded way by hand-knotting the mohair) Also want to make a silicone mould of her face.....'cos I'm likin' it!

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