Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some New Work

Although most of my artwork usually revolves around making dolls and sculpting in some form or another, I do make frequent forays into other forms. This week, I've been investigating the possibilities of using stained, dyed, layered and embroidered fabric to create pieces with depth and layers of meaning. I've had the prepared pieces of fabric ready for some time - just needed to wait until the right moment to make the work. I used rust-dying techniques and walnut staining to colour the fabric and then I tore it into smaller pieces, which I layered in up to eight layers. The simple embroidery is best described as drawing with stitch over the created surface.

Here is a piece I made some years ago, which is kind of the "mother" to this new work:

And here's a bit of bliss for you - last night's beautiful sunset!

Also this week, I've begun the rather daunting task of digitizing Bob's enormous slide collection - he was a prodigious and prolific photographer and the slides date back to the late 1960's. Big job, but it needs doing, because slides do start to deteriorate after a long period of time. Here are a few early family ones from around 1972 that I thought you might enjoy! It's been a real nostalgia trip for me!


Kays Kids said...

I* love the stained fabric art work. The colours are beautiful.
Lots of memories in those photos.

Susan McMahon said...

I love working with fabric occasionally, Kay - it is something simple you can just sit down with at any moment.....put in ten stitches or a thousand, it doesn't matter.

I thought I might find dealing with the memories in all the slides difficult - but it has been fine......wistful and nostalgic, but pleasant.

Rebecca said...

Love the needlework! Isn't it just so calming to do that hand stitching? You know, the first time you showed a pix of young Bob, I truly ( before reading the caption), thought it was a pix of one of my favorite guitarist, Pete Townsend! You truly amaze me Susie, all of you talents...Tazmania looks like heaven....

Susan McMahon said...

Thanks Rebecca.......Yes, Bob always fancied that he looked a bit like Pete Townsend (whom he admired enormously!)

And you know I love your dolls - always happy to see what new ones you come up with.

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