Monday, December 29, 2008

Hello, Goodbye and a New Doll

My little Susan Fosnot doll (Gudrun) arrived just before Christmas, but I had to wait until the first mail day after Christmas to pick her up. She is just six inches of cloth doll perfection! If you haven't seen Susan's work, go to You are in for a real treat. I even love the little tag.

At the same time, I have said goodbye to 'Izzy' and 'Ella' - they are on their way to a new home in the USA. I'm pleased that they are staying together in their new home.

In between Christmas festivities (spent this year with my son and his partner, Anna, at Woodbridge overlooking the beautiful D'Entrecasteaux Channel), I managed to make a body for this new doll. I don't often make knee and elbow joints, but this doll has them - jointed hips and shoulders as well, so she is quite mobile. Now I just need to work out how to dress her!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

To all who stop by and visit in the next little while, may I wish you a safe and happy Christmas with family and friends and all wonderful things in 2009.

I am spending the next few days with family and will probably not be online at all ..........but I will be back very soon with new work and things to share.

With heartfelt best wishes,


Sunday, December 14, 2008


I have just completed another Izannah Walker-inspired doll. I have named her "Ella". Here are some pictures: No.1 - With her 'sister' Izzy; no. 2 - back view of her braided hairstyle; no. 3 - full view; no. 4 - closeup.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Busy Week!

I have just arrived home from a busy week in Adelaide. I was there to teach a class for the S.A. Cloth Doll Guild. I ended up with 13 in the class, which was a perfect number, and they were all great workers! The class was instruction in making my 'Moxie' doll, with a couple in the class also requesting instruction in sculpting a doll head. Here is a picture of some of the class hard at work.....(note the wonderful workspace - it is a large classroom at the back of 'Hetties Patch" a quilt shop on Port Road........I was a little worried about the beautiful quilts on display with paint and stuff flying around, but we managed not to get any on them!)
I stayed in the Adelaide Hills with Peta Stuart and her husband, Greg - if there were more like these wonderful people, then there would be a lot less strife in this world. My heartfelt thanks to them both for looking after me so well.

Peta and I worked at night after class (as you tend to when you stay with another dollmaker) and I managed to get some of my own work done - these two zoziedolls and this head.

Peta took me to Strathalbyn on Saturday to visit Lorell Lehman who makes original dolls and fabulous fantasy pieces. She works from a tiny studio attached to an equally tiny gallery - small but perfect. Do yourself a favour and visit

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