About Me

I have been a maker for as long as I can remember - as a child I made stuff from whatever I could lay my hands on and mostly the things I made were small human representations - dolls. I continued to make dolls into adulthood and three years at Art School in Hobart Tasmania (1969 - 1971) saw me majoring in sculpture and painting and emerging with an art teaching qualification.
As an adult I have sculpted, painted and made dolls continuously with intermittent stints as a teacher of art in various capacities. Having recently retired from my part-time school job last year, I am now devoting my time fully to my own artwork - making dolls, sculpting, painting and making unclassifiable objects that take elements from all three of these disciplines.
I also travel to teach dollmaking and sculpting to adults of all ages and abilities.

I live for my art but I also find time for family, music-making, reading, gardening and needlework.
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