Join me as I paint one of my historically referenced dolls step-by-step.
I call these dolls "historically referenced" because in style, design and constuction, I have refered to past dollmakers such as Izannah Walker, Ella Smith, Martha Chase and Philadelphia (Sheppard) Babies, without making direct copies of any of these earlier dolls. I like my work to have a lot of "me" in it, too!

The head (with moulded hairstyle) has been sized with a special mix to strengthen and preserve it and given several coats of gesso, with a light sanding between coats.

Burnt Umber underpainting

First coat of flesh-toned paint

Second coat of flesh-toned paint

 Features blocked in using thinned-down burnt umber paint.

                               Lighter and darker tones added.

                               Starting to add colour to the eyes and lips.

                                       Blush and highlights

                                      Adding detail to the hair

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