Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Simple Pleasure

While I enjoy the challenge of stretching my doll-making abilities into areas of innovation and experimentation, I sometimes also love the pleasure of making something quite simple. The recent work I made for an exhibition stretched me a bit technically so these little dolls were a bit of an antidote......and what fun I had making them!

Very simple constructed in basically two pieces (front and back), they are softly stuffed and I used a bit of basic needle-sculpting to define the neck and the arms. The mask faces are glued onto the front of the head and a few extra details added. This one is Kiki:

......and this one is Coco:



Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Upcoming Exhibition

I'm participating in a group exhibition in Adelaide, South Australia later this month entitled "THE DOLL REDEFINED" I think there are around thirty participating artists, so the work should be interesting and varied. It's at Gallery 1855 in Tea Tree Gully, opening on the 15th April at 2.00 pm.
As a native of Adelaide, I'm excited to be showing my work there and looking forward to the opening. Here are a some of the works I'm showing..........

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