Monday, December 14, 2015

I'm Moving

I have sold my house and bought another in Launceston - with much less garden to look after. Five acres down to a suburban block! It will be very different living in town, but I'm looking forward to a new phase of my life. It has been hard deciding to sell the house and studio that Bob and I built and one I agonized over, but now I'm excited about new possibilities.

I may be a little unconnected for a while - I'm staying with my mother after leaving here on Monday 21st December and I will be there until early February when I move into my new house. The new place is in an NBN ready area,  but the house is not connected yet - I may have to wait a while. 

Needless to say, I've been putting in very long days: sorting, cleaning, culling, throwing out and passing on. It's been very cathartic, but I'll be glad when that removal van finally rumbles out of here to put my things in storage and I can rest for a while.

Thanks to all my supporters and readers of this blog - may I wish you Season's Greetings wherever you are and all the very best in 2016. I'll post again as soon as I am able.


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