Friday, May 28, 2010

What I'm Working On

Here are a couple of pictures of what's on my studio table awaiting completion. I kind of like how things look in their not-yet-finished state and I often have the thought that I should make a white doll and leave it at that. Maybe one day............

Monday, May 24, 2010

How To Repair A Sheep and other Miscellany

Our local butcher is a very sweet fella with something of a sense of humour. For some time now he has had a very realistic sheep made of fibreglass or something peering IN the window of the shop. (Silly sheep! I'd be running the other way......)

A few weeks ago, I noticed that poor old lamby had a large hole where his ear should have been and a smashed elbow. When I inquired about it I was told that it had been the victim of vandalism by kids........I had a bit of a look and knew I could easily fix it, so I offered to do just that, much to butcher Nigel's delight. I forgot to take "before" photos, of course, but did remember the "during" and "after" ones which are posted here. The things we do!

The doll is "Delta Dawn", Cindy's doll in the ADO Travelling Doll project. I've had her way too long, but I've finally sent her on her way with a new hat, a hand-woven shawl and a pup. Couldn't do much about her forlorn expression, though! She is doomed to forever be sad and wistful, I think.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Here is a little redhead (Maisie) that I have just completed. Although she looks like butter wouldn't melt, she has steely resolve and insisted on having red shoes, her own baby and to be called "Maisie". It's getting cooler here in Tasmania (even a hint of snow in the air) so this hand-knit cardi and stripy leggings will keep her toasty warm.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bee's Choice

Belinda (Bee) was the winner of my recent blog giveaway. I gave her a number of things to choose from as her prize and she chose a painting similar to this one ("Trio of Pears") to hang in her new kitchen. I'll post a picture of Bee's pear painting when I get it finished.

Monday, May 3, 2010

.........And The Winner Is!

A couple of days late, but I finally conducted my May Giveaway using the latest scientific methods and I wrote the numbers (1-37) on a piece of paper in a random fashion, blindfolded self (there being no-one else available), spun the piece of paper around with one hand while hovering with a pin in the other. At a predetermined moment known only to me, the pin hand descended into the paper and the number in closest proximity to where the pin pierced the paper is the winner..............And the winner is NUMBER 25 - BEE!

Bee - please email me ( so that I can arrange to send you your prize. Thanks everyone for joining in! I'll post a picture of what Bee chooses as her prize soon.
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