Saturday, January 25, 2014

Summer Days.........

It's the height of summer here - gloriously sunny days and the garden producing copiously. I've just had an intensive week of string music playing at our annual summer string camp by the sea at Ulverstone...........a very busy week - takes a few days to recover properly! But what a blast! I found I'd been placed in the "top" orchestra, which I was a bit apprehensive about, but luckily, I found most of the music quite manageable..........I think they eased back a little on the difficulty compared to last year. Learned heaps.
I did manage to get a bit of my own work done while I was there: I finished this small doll, complete with a little horn (appropriately) 

I also got this new head sculpted - it now needs drying off so that I can do the refining work, before I make a few decisions about how to complete it.

And finally, I made a Sukeshi doll for my violin teacher - it's her birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday, Margaret!

So, it's into the studio for me tomorrow and nose back to the grindstone!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Blue and Bronze

Step-by-step pictures of my latest doll - a Sorrydoll in blue and bronze - a colour combination I particularly like.
I decided to make a few more of these dolls, since there was quite a lot of interest in the ones I made for the "Images" exhibition last month - which were all sold during the exhibition. This is the first, or number six in the series.

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