Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Bird In The Hand

....and a "Sorrydoll" in greys and mauves. I'm enjoying playing with the tension created by the dichotomy between the rather jaunty outfits these dolls are wearing and the very sombre expressions on their faces.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

A New Little Cutie

Just finished this new little doll. A small (14") "Sorrydoll". Cloth over clay head, painted cloth body and limbs and silk clothes. The painting is all done with artist's acrylics. The hat is painted, stiffened felt formed into a cone. Tiny fingers (managed to wire them so they can be posed)

Awww! They like each other!

"What's that I hear?"

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Back to work in 2014

As summer reaches its height and starts to wind down, visitors have left and it is time to get back into the studio. I'm working on a few more small sculptures in the "Sorrowful Songs" series  as well as a painting which is comprised of twenty small canvases which all fit together.........since I'm stretching the Belgian linen canvas myself, that's an awful lot of stretching! I had to work out a way of stretching the canvases so there is none of the usual bulk where the corners are folded, because I want them to all fit together neatly and far , so good. 

Here's what's happening in my studio this week.......

And of course, Mr Button, the studio cat sleeps through it all.......or should I say IN it all!

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