Saturday, November 29, 2008

A redhead!

I ordered some beautiful Tibetan lamb from so I decided to try making another wig for 'Moxie' - gives her a completely different look! Fabric Addictions is a great site if you like making dolls - plenty of the right stuff, like this lambskin, in all sorts of wonderful colours. There is also specialty fabric for dollmakers, patterns and online classes. A dollmakers one-stop shop!

Had a visitor - Allen from Oregon. I showed him what I could of my part of the world, but two and a half days is not really enough time to see Tasmania properly. I think he saw enough, however, to want to come back sometime for a proper look. This old plough on Tamar Island is completely embedded in an oak tree - I fancifully imagine that the farmer rested it against the tree after work one day, and when he next wanted to use it, found that the tree had grown around it!


FairiesNest said...
I thought you might like to see this! I love the new hair, it does make her look completely different.

Susie McMahon said...


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