Friday, July 8, 2011

Viola and the Big Wind

Here is the doll I was working on this week almost done. Her stockings are painted - I just need to make her some little leather shoes, underwear and a little crochet tan cape. Her simple dress has a bit of hand embroidery and the gingham binding at the bottom of the sleeves to liven it up a bit. She's called "Viola Rose" and she has cloth over clay head and lower limbs and cloth body and upper limbs.
We've been having a quite  a "traditional" cold, snowy, wet, windy winter this year - like the winters of more than ten years ago. Recent winters have been much milder with hardly any snow in the mountains and not much in the way of wind. This is what we saw when we looked out on the morning  of July 4th after a night of particularly wild, stormy weather - our little greenhouse blown off its footings and just a mangled wreck of aluminium and broken glass! Fortunately our insurance covers it, so we will be able to get a new one before summer.

Serene little Viola

Viola closeup

After the storm!


maddyrose said...

Viola Rose is lovely and she does appear to be very serene and has such a sweet face. It's a shame about your green house. The weather has been changing over the past few years. This is the second summer for us where it is so cool there's no need to turn on the air conditioning.
Stay dry and warm and have a great weekend.

Susie McMahon said...

Thanks, Maddyrose. I think we're lucky it was ONLY the greenhouse - we have lots of fairly big trees that would probably smash the house if they happened to blow over onto it......fortunately, the prevailing winds blow the other way, so there's more chance of a tree not falling on the house. Still, I think we might get a few of them removed so that I can sleep at night when it's windy!

Sharon B said...

Such a shame about your greenhouse :( Your new baby is beautiful - the faces are what draws me to dolls. Her eyes seem to asking a question. Lexington, Kentucky has been having some crazy weather too - the other night downtown got 2" of rain in an hour and at my house 4 miles away we got none

Grace Garton said...

wow that is pretty wild weather..for you up there in the tropical parts of Tassie! Very wild weather down south too...but our green house made it...but it's a mess outside..we had to did a trench in the garden to let the rain water flow away from the the snow though even if it doesn't settle..It's blowing quite blizzard like at the moment!
Wonderful photo's of Viola, in progress...lovely detailing on her dress!

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