Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Re-Igniting My Blog! Yes!

 It's been a while........but I've re-discovered my desire to blog regularly. So much water under the bridge since I last made an entry here, in fact too much to even contemplate writing about, so I'm just going to launch in and post some pictures of recent work. I will try faithfully to make regular updates.

So, here are some recently-completed works, starting with some art pieces:

.......and some dolls:


Yve said...

Hi Susie, nice to see you back. I used to love blogging so much, but found it very hard to return to it, I must say. It reminds me of a much simpler time when social media was actually SOCIAL and people were kinder to each other... fingers crossed it's not too late to claw it back :o) xx

Sandra said...

So glad to see your back to posting. Love seeing what you've created in the past few years. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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