Thursday, October 18, 2012

Missing Zappa.........

Every time I have left my studio this week, I have, out of habit, opened the door very carefully, because our dear departed Zappa liked to sleep on the doormat just outside. I can't get used to her not being there any more. At least we have the very amusing Violin Case Kitten to distract us somewhat.......he is so funny and entertaining! I've never known a cat to like water so much. As soon as I fill the sink to wash some dishes, he's up on the windowsill above, keenly interested in every drip and gurgle.

Here are "Lisbeth" and "Lucinda" - sister dolls that I have just completed.


Kays Kids said...

I'm feeling for you. Your little kitty is very inquisitive.

You certainly have talent Susie. Your sisters are real treasures.

Erika said...

Helle dear Susie! We have cats too and it is almost nice and funny to live with them. Sometimes their are like Little clowns, but almost lovabel.
Your sisters are beautiful, dear Susie, like ever. It is a great pleasure and joy to see them. Have a beautiful time and hugs and love

Unknown said...

Your cat is so cute! Lol, violin cat indeed!!! The sister dolls are gorgeous...just love your little girls!


maddyrose said...

The little sisters are precious as are all of your sweet dolls.
So you have a cat that likes water? Now that is different.

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