Friday, May 31, 2013

A Day At A Time

When something truly  momentous happens in your life, it takes time, lots of time, to regain your footing, to right the boat, to find the path again (or whatever metaphor you'd like to use).
Just taking each day as it comes seems to help.
Music - that most existential of activities - is also helpful. No matter how bad you are feeling, a few minutes of making music will invariably make you feel a whole lot better. As will doing something quite physical every day - I've been cycling a whole lot.
My friends with the olive grove gave me a bucket of olives to are three of nine jars. they are "maturing" in their pickle baths and I can't wait to test them in a month's time! Hope they taste as good as they look.

After the flurry of activity making the recycled/trash sculpture I blogged about in my last post, studio time has been a little sporadic. But I'm feeling more like getting back into a normal work routine every day. Here's a little doll I finished a few days ago......her name is "Tansey Meadowsweet".

In the early morning after my Bob's funeral, I took a photo of the full's one of the "month after" full moon. It looks an odd shape.....I think I may have moved the camera a is what it is!


Rhissanna said...

Tansey is a very lovely doll; she poses beautifully for those photographs. The olives will be a treat when they're done, all tart and juicy.

The moon photograph I found very moving. Time passes and there's not much we can do about it, except take time to notice how lovely the full moon is every month.I think you're very brave and strong. Bob was clearly a wonderful person and he must be proud of how strong and brave you're being.

Kays Kids said...

What a beautiful name for your doll. Just right. Tansey Meadow-sweet. It is early days, and you will get back to the studio when more healing has been done. You need to feel right to be creative.
Keep riding and singing, or playing music.

Loretta Headrick said...

You are frequently in my thoughts, Susie, and I wish we could sit down with tea and visit. Instead, I send my warmest thoughts and love across the miles and hope you feel the encouragement and support of so many friends around the world. You are special and precious to all.

Sending love and hope for the future,


Susie McMahon said...

Thanks kind friends - your warm and generous thoughts are much appreciated.

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