Thursday, November 19, 2015


I was painting this little boy's face when news of the Paris terrorist attacks was filtering through.......I have called him "Etienne" - it seemed apposite, and also, I think he has a kind of European look to him. He is a 12' (30 cm) jointed cloth doll with a cloth over clay head painted with artist's acrylics. His hair was formed using cotton thread impregnated with glue and applied to his head. He sports some nice warm hand-knitted winter woollies, wool fabric shorts in brown with a fine lighter stripe and I made his socks with some new 2-ply merino yarn that I sourced from  
Morris and Sons in Sydney. 

He has leather lace-up suede, no less! He is one of my "Pensive Children" series - no. 10.

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