Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pensive Child

My house is now listed, repairs and tidying up done, so now I can relax a bit and get back to my waiting work.......although keeping the house always tidy and free of clutter and ready for inspections takes a bit of effort!
I have a few orders pending for my "Pensive Child" dolls - both boys and girls, which is fun! I don't often get to make boys. So I've been busy making heads and sewing bodies to get these little sweeties out as soon as I can. I have other orders on the go as well, so it is nice to get a bit of uninterrupted studio time. Just chipping away at it........I do so love making these little cloth children with their serious but tender faces, sturdy jointed cloth bodies and no-nonsense unfussy play clothes!



Hill Top Post said...

I love your sweet little Pensive Children! Hopefully, the house will sell quickly.

Healing Woman said...

She is so sweet Perfect name for her.

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