Thursday, March 15, 2018

New Work

I must apologize for not posting more often.........getting this house and garden licked into shape takes a lot of my time! At the moment I'm repairing and painting the roof while the weather remains warm and fine. I have broken the back of it - should be done in a week or so if the weather stays dry. You can read about it on my other blog:    

Meanwhile, I AM working on my artwork - I'll have work in an exhibition in Adelaide next month - I'm busy completing the pieces so I can send them next week. The exhibition is called "The Doll Redefined" - should be an interesting diversity of work!

Here is a selection of work I've completed recently:

Mr Foxx Out Strolling - jointed cloth with a sculpted cloth-covered head. Painted and embroidered.

"Cirque Des Enfants" No 8 in a series.

"Transmutation - Mor-Rioghain"

"Spiritus Loci 2" w.i.p.



Leanne E said...

Your work continues to impress!!!

Alessandra Collar Lipman said...

I love visiting your blog! Your artwork is just mesmerizing... Cheers!

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