Sunday, October 21, 2018

It's Spring!

Winter is something of a time of torpor for me.......I tend to stay close to the fire and be a bit inward looking. Which might go some way to explaining why I haven't posted here since April! It's not as if we even get particularly severe winters here - in Tasmania, the coldest state in Australia. Our winters are mild by North American or European standards. No snow to speak of, a few frosts, some rain but also lots of sunny days, but still I like to huddle up inside in winter.

Spring has arrived quickly and greenly this year - things are burgeoning in the garden and I feel more inclined to look outwards. Longer days, warm sunshine and life feels good.

But my winter days by the fire do produce a fair bit of artwork, so here is a sampling from the last few months.

A sweet red-haired girl in a smocked dress and winter woollies:

An Izannah Walker-style doll in clothing trimmed with feather stitch and crochet:




And a doll made to Deanna Hogan's "Verity" pattern. I called her "Patience" because she waited ten years to be made! I also made her a little wooden chair to be patient on.

 And that was about it for winter projects, apart from a few more jobs around the house which you can read about on my home reno blog at  

I've started working on some new things now and I promise to blog about them very soon! 


Mary Ann Tate said...

Beautiful work as always :)

Misty Moon said...

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Susan McMahon said...

Thanks very much! I feel a little guilty that I haven't been blogging renovations keep me very busy, but I am trying to post at least once a week from now on. :-)

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